Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just When I think nothing can get crazier... argghh

Assalamualaikum... actually I dont think it is a good thing to update my blog too frequent because my blog is not a place where I gather information throughout internet and compile it here, this blog is just like my diary or somewhere I think I need to release my stress or something like that and bla bla bla again...

What I want to say here today is quite stressful for me , it is quite emotional, so if u are not kind of people who can accept this, just leave, dont read..

1st is about tomorrow, 31st December, is a holiday due to Malaysia's win over Indonesia in Suzuki AFF cup, I know that I am suppose to be happy as a Malaysian, but because I made a wrong decision on Tuesday, 2 days ago, that day I suppose to decide on wether to go back home, follow my family for Family Day in Felda Spring in Sungkai or stay at USM, focus on my study... I chose to stay and that is when all go wrong,

Wednesday class is just half day and the class is still only on kind of introduction, nothing much, no calculation, no extra reading, no assignment, just INTRODUCTION...

Thursday, today we suppose to have Lab, but still havent started yet because there is no briefiing yet to commence, the time we suppose to have briefing is on Friday

Friday, 31st december as mentioned above, Malaysia got a public holiday...Plus Saturday and Sunday, I actually got a total of 4 days holiday, starting today... I feel like crying when I called my mother this morning about how dissapointed I am with this news, I am also got emotional due to some people have been talking on my back about MONEY, how money affect what people think about you, I am so sad.. but I dont care anymore about it because I know the truth behind it all..

If u read my previous post, u may understand how busy I am during holiday or u may not, I dont know... I remember in the last week of holiday where I finally got REAL holiday, I watch anime at145% playback speed, because I want to finish it before semester start, at that time I think I really dont have much time,and here I am having to much extra time, nothing much to do, some people started to hate me also, I dont like this..

I am kind of dissapointed that Prime Minister of Malaysia give us holiday, because it is not like we, the citizen deserve it as much.. I think the people who deserve most is the Player, coach and people that really involve in the game actually, because they put an effort into it, not sitting at Mamak Restaurant, hitting the table like crazy people(sorry..) and futhermore we only win by aggregate, we lost last night actually for people who doesnt know, what I understand from people say is
1.Sunday we win 3-0
2.Wednesday we lost 1-2
by aggregate 3+1 = 4, we win 4-2
I know this is the first time, but this is too much, some people suggest that gave the coach Rajagopal a Dato' title( title like Sir in London).. what I think the most appropriate thing to do by Malaysian Goverment is to give better allowance to sportman in Malaysia, give more support, dont involve political related issue to sport industry, give better facility,better counselling education( the players really need this to maintain their focus and composure during games) so Malaysia can win more after this, we really dont want Malaysia's win for the first time is the Malaysia's win for the last time, dont we ..arrgh I talk so much and nott that related to myself anymore.

I think thats all, next I think I want to post about illuminati and what I think about it, wether it is true or a myth..wsm

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today is not 27th December, but 27th December is something I want to talk about..

Assalamualaikum... it have been 11 days since the last day I post here...nothing much happen, my results have come out, okay la..coming back to USM, bla bla bla.. so nothing much...

What I stress about this semester is that it start 27th December, it is about three days after the results( I am not done crying yet)... This is few (reasons  I hate about /consequences of) starting on December 27

1. It is at the end of the year (why dont just postponed it to next week like most of other universities.
2. Today, my family going Felda Spring, Sungkai for family day( i dont know where d hell it is, dont ask me)
3. The fact that it begins 3 days after result come, totally affect the date JPA scholarship money comes out, everybody complaining already( and some complains annoy me, because I am also affected u know), I called several people related to this and they said that there are few reasons things like this happen and one of them is because the results just come out(USM's fault is what they want to say la), definitely not related to any political reason, as this money is already in the agreement and by not giving the money, the student who got the scholarship from JPA have the rights of sueing JPA... is what I think la
4.Is there anything else...hmmm.. yeah, the fact that it is at the end of the year, the lecturer is quite super2 busy... so the class I attended this week is like so so la..
5.This is not related to 27th December, but I still havent got any replies from any company that I approach for, that is quite saddening... and from what I heard is the Emergency place that USM might send us to if we havent got any replies from the company is located around Kulim(in the forest), definitely not some place I am eager to go since I am afraid of mosquitoes, and lizard (biawak one)..

thats all, thank you for reading.. dont comment on grammatical error...please..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who am I ?

Assalamualaikum... today's post is just like another post, nothing important want to talk here, just something funny.. today I got a mail from bursa Malaysia stating that I have created cds account(Central Depository System), some account required for me to get involve in something we all called ' investing'. I have already buy few units for myself before, but using my father's account since I am still not 21 when I started buying, now that I am 21 years old, I am able to open my own accunt, have my own transaction , myself.. thats a relief...because I think with my own ability I can earn more than having my ather instructing me( just my confidence, I am sure he doesnt have time reading this, :-)..haha)... that's that, the funny thing about this mail is what is written inside the mail which is this ..

Funny ? Not yet until you know the whole story... actually I am a Malay guy living in Malaysia, so my races should be Malay instead of chinese.. what makes things funny is the girl who process my registration form actually see me because I go there with my parents, she took my IC(identification card) ..bla bla bla bla...she actually SUPPOSE to know that I am a Malay because of IC and all other stuff, but she write me as Chinese... I am not offence about this though but I just think it is funny, as my skin is quite dark, my eyes is quite big, even a european people who never saw a Malay can tell that I am not chinese... I have already mail people's in charge with this matter though...hope  I will not having any problem with this account in the future...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today 13th Disember 2010

Assalamualaikum.. It have few days since the last time I post in this blog....Finally, i started my holiday, my REAL holiday when I am not bounded to anything else anymore.. fuuh, I can do whatever i want starting today, no more work, no more managing wedding, no more boot camps...finally...

Like my other semester, I am always went to Low Yat Plaza to look for gadget or any computer accesories... but after went there, I feel like I am not into that kind of thing anymore, when I look at new release handphone, I am no longer excited like I was before.. when I walk around the shops that selling computer and laptops, same thing is happening, i am no longer excited to see all the graphic cards, gaming keyboard and mouse.. this is a very shocking thing that happen to me this last few years.. after get boring at Low Yat plaza, I decided to go Times Square, which is located near the Low Yat plaza(just across the road).. actually this is my third time going there compare to my zillion times going to Low Yat..

There is not much difference since the last time I went there, the building is still big, full with shops, and I still easily get lost there..huuuh.. since I go there alone(my friend who always kidnap me went to Beijing for vacation,damn), I dont know where I should go, so I just walk around. The building is not big in terms of width but its height, it has 9 floors, fortunately there are many guide maps around the building to guide people like me who easily get lost...

The bad news is I found several shop selling toys, some of them selling remote control car and some others selling japanese goods like gundam, kamen rider etc etc... Why I am saying it is a bad news, well I nearly become crazy here.. looking at this merchandise, I just cant help myself.. actually I have planned to avoid this by only having RM 20 in my wallet, before this I have planned to buy MG Zeta gundam online that cost RM 190 plus posting RM 10 = Rm200.. but when I found it in one of the shop that I went here, the price is shocking, I can easily get the price RM 175 here, you can easily imagine how I feel at that time.. but surely since I just got my salary yesterday, I still 'Sayang' to use my money, so I think I should thought about it some more, not only that, I am also interested to buy other things like action base , gundam marker... Then I think think think, and after that I just realised that I have said to myself not to buy a gundam which have blue,white, red combination colour scheme as most of my gundam have that colour scheme, but that not stop me from buying zeta because zeta gundam actually have two brothers which zeta plus a1 and zeta plus c1, they are quite different from zeta but they have same transformation ability like zeta and the price is much much cheaper because it doesnt come with exclusive and less decal I think...
actually I like the colour scheme of zeta plus A1, which is orange plus white( I dont have this colour in my collection), but looking at the zeta plus c1, I feel like being grabbed by it, it doesnt have bright colour scheme like A1 but certainly it have its own attraction, given with extra booster and long sniper like rifle, I just grabbed it and pay at counter, that is my story about how I buy Zeta Plus C1, the holiday is coming to its end, I dont know wehter I can finish this kit on time... and one more thing , this is the only gundam I am working on this holiday from me having doing them about 30minutes perday.. if I got time like after Subuh..

The HG exia actually have been snap fitted during my stays at USM, so the only model I completed in this holiday is only rhe SD Red Frame(sigh..)

Here are some photos of the Zeta C1 plus that I have talked so much before...

This is the main culprit to why I buy this gundam, the box illustration is just damn too hot

the box is slightly smaller compare to my MG infinite Justice..hmm

the box height is slightly higher than MG infinite justice

The manual, it is very important as this kit is a transformable kit which I never attemp before

Along with my Zeta plus I bought this S.M.S base from Macross frontier.. cool eh..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Industrial training/ practical for undergraduates student

Assalamualaikum, again... I find it very hard nowadays to spend time to write blog, even though I am on holiday rite now..sigh.. first reason lazy, second reason busy.. I dont like this two words, it makes me look like someone who like to give excuses, which I think I am not..huh...

Okay, today I am writing about Industrial training, it is some sorts of requirement for someone like me who is right now studying an undergraduates courses, I am kinda like it, but the fact that it was conducted during holiday which is 3rd May to 8th July next year reduce the goodness of it.. well its only two month anyways.. But something that have really surprising about next year is our local Universities schedule going to be reschedule, yes it is... the semester is going to start on September, so it means that even though I have lost my two months holiday, I can regain another two months Until september, well that is good news..I dont know if they have officially announced it but I have already checked it with one of the lecturers at my Universities and he say its true..yay.. but anything can happen.. it can go surprisingly as it comes surprisingly..

Well continuing on the industrial training(practical), practically for my course it was done after third year second semester and it was two months plus, i have heard that different Universities have different period like for UTP the student there have to undergoes 8 months of Industrial Training, thats loooong... Other Universities like UKM is just like us in USM and for UM I got different kind of stories, some said 6 months and other said 3 months, I am not sure, maybe it is different for different courses( even they are all engineering courses)..

Sad thing is for my University we need to find our own place for Industrial Training, well it is kind of hard for us to find place since there is not many company out there willing to 'help' these students, they dont get too much benefits by adopting us into their company because we are all inexperince in terms of experience, and if they want to make us their asset(employee), two months is too short too see wether we are good enough, that is why some company just take this industrial training student and use them as "cheap labour" , that is what my father call, it is because they will give work that wont benefit the student like photostate, arranging documents, and stuff like that, not engineering kind of work...Hopefully the company that going to take me in will treat me like a future engineer.. please...

One more thing is this past few days I have been busy finding, sending mails to the company that I am interested with, it is kinda late but cannot blame me since my School(faculty) give us late briefing on it... I have sent out quite amount of mails(22 pieces)... and it cost much too... one pieces RM 1.50,stamp price has increase quite a lot, the standard one RM0.30 has doubled it prices RM0.60, the totalcost is  RM1.50 because inside my mail, I included one empty mail with stamp and my name on it for the company to reply .. and for my mail I attached RM0.90 stamp as the mail is quite heavy with all the resume, results, letter and all the usual stuffs( the post staff actually weigh it first before selling me those stamps, if she is not I will just apply the RM0.60 as it is the cheapest..hahah), hopefully all the mails will reach their destination and I will receive a good reply..huhu... Thats all for this post ... I need to fetch my sister from her tuition at 7...

One more thing, I have been working one this kit this past few day wonder what colour suite it most for the stripe, the usual colour is fluorescent yellow, but when I think about Gundam Unicorn ,I think I will paint it red, with a marker though... wait for it..thats all..wsm

Friday, December 3, 2010

Shocked !! facebook

Salam... today as always after wake up in the morning, I wont go back to sleep.. it is just I dont like sleeping in the morning as I am not comfortable with it..bla bla bla on and on blabbering.. I know that u just dont care about it..(like I care u care or not, this is my blog)

But what am I going to write is about facebook.. I see no problem with this website, but I see a problem with Malaysian addiction to Facebook.. as I was reading newspaper this morning, I found out this "International survey firm TNS last month reported that Malaysians had the most “friends” on Facebook and spent nine hours daily on average surfing the site of more than 500 million members"...shocked!!(well if u are not shocked with this news, and you are malaysian, better read the sentence again, CAREFULLY..).. I still remember few years ago when we Malaysian was annouce to have most members in Friendster.. How the hell this can be happening since the total number of Malaysian is about 28 million which hold only 0.56% of total population in the world( I calculated using 5 billion people in the whole world).. and it happening again..with facebook... I know there is someone out there loughing this out like crazy about how a puny country like Malaysia have most of its citizen addicted to facebook..

Why I say addicted, read the sentence again, 9 hours per day, if we calculate like this , we have 24 hours per day, we sleep 5 hours per day( I know most malaysian got less sleep, thats why we are not very too), we eat plus borak 2 hours per day(minimum for three whole meals), trafic jams ( 2 hours minimum).. we were left with only 6 hours...and we know that we are not that productive in those six hours.. many programs have been held, created to make malaysian better,but it will hold no value if malaysian still behaving like this, I am not saying it is wrong to have facebook account, chatting.. but take control of it, dont let it take control of you.. I have read few stories about how a good housewife turning into lazybump due to addiction on facebook, she even stop cooking for her husband(sob2..).. thats  all for today..regards..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

JUst NeW Post

It have been a very2 busy holiday, it is always like this every times I got holiday.. I dont know how people can say their holiday is very boring...well different people got different perspectives on things... well I am not doing much things for MYSELF but mostly for other people, like helping out weddings, dinner etc etc.. so much things to do..for about one week at home I only manage to do few things ONLY, like fixing BB gundam, I mean BB gundam, not MG gundam and it tooks me one week..damn.. times sure flies fast.. I finish my final exam on  23rd November... hooray... quite a sacrifice I make for this final, it is all due to myself wasting so much time on assembling Gundam(wasting a lot of money too...but I am satisfied)...well since this is just like a take off for me to write blog back, I want to make it simple and SHORT...till next time
In the middle is GP01 Physalis, i assembled it at USM, so u can imagine how litte work I have done during this holiday (only unicorn head and incomplete tiger armor)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank Allah Im alive..thank you Jit kang

 Assalamualaikum.. Its been so long since the last time I post in this blog...this past few weeks have been very hectic for me, not only me but for all my coursemate as well .. for the past two weeks, I have encountered 6 different test, first I got thinking techniques test, and then I have writing test for english, Taekwondo test,Reaction test, Process control test, seperation test.. Well, it is difficult to handle all these test, not to mention some of them are really difficult... got many2 assignment to do also.. some of the assignment I just copy from my friend like a photostate machine, I didnt know what i write.. but the most difficult assignment is the seperation assginment, the assignment is we need to tackle oil spillage problem that occur in gulf of mexico, that is not the real problem, the problem is the spillage is so much, too many oil have spoil onto the gulf and covers approximately 10000 km square, if u have learn how long is one km in your secondary school, you can imagine how big the area is.
We need to propose a solution to the problem, this assignment have to be done in group, we were given option wether to make experiment that can convince Dr Lim Jit Kang it will work to solve a problem or wrtite a term paper proposing the solution, the both task is hard but most of the group dont want to take the 1st option because we afraid to confront Dr Lim, because we know he is very good in arguing people's work, but things change tremendously when my friend's group Liow Kok Loong and his friend doing the 1st option, from that his group get full marks, we were all very astonished, because we know now we are 10 marks behind Kok Loong's group to achieve good results in final exam. So all the groups get into meeting to discuss solution for the assignment, we were given quite a long time for the assignment, but we start looking for the solution for this problem 3 weeks before submission day, which is quite late..when the times all groups start proposing our own solution, we realised that Dr. Lim have increase the difficulty of the assignment 10x harder.. the thing is the oil have started to sink into deep sea, the depth is 1 km,..what the hell, how are we going to solve problem where even mankind can't exist..not only that we also need to calculate all the cost of transporting our material( in this case ,absorbance), how we keep the material, where we get our material where we keep, the strategy of using our material, dilution rate, dynamic properties of sea water, all of this we have to find "real" information about it..we can't just make assumption for our calculation, maybe other people from other university or other country have applied this kind of study technique in their study, but for us which is first timer, we were quite shock when our idea, method, calculation being rejected few times by Dr. Lim..luckily my groups manage to finish our assignment on time which is the last day of submission day..i think this assignment is the 2nd best thing I have done in USM, the first one is when Taekwondo club which has very2 few members manage to organize Open championship where we invite all public and private universities in all Malaysia.. it has always been the best experience i have because i am able to know more about my friends especially friends from other races like chinese and indian... the second one is this , the seperation assignment, even though the assignment is superx4 hard, but when looking back at it Im proud Im one of the people who involve in this assignment, not only that I also learn many things oout of this , i learn that we must not delay our work , I also learn how to argue about my idea, i learn how to support my friends. so much good thing come out from this assignment but it also have it own downside, but this is all due to us delaying the work at first, we have to sacrifice our time to finish the assignment, on tuesday night, my group stay up until morning to finish all the calculation needed by Dr Lim, not only that most of other night we have to stay preparing for the experiment, so we have not studying this past week, copying other people's work..but this is all due to our own fault, I will not put the blame on Dr. Lim because I know myself he is also sacrificing his leisure time to ensure we manage to finish this assignment, if I can give marks, I will give him 99/100 marks, he has been doing good job, many other lecturers were impressed by his work and want to follow his example..

i learn that Dr Lim will be teaching us again for the next semester, I will be waiting for his surprise again next semester..And also my other wish is to have him as my superviser for my fyp or design project, because I know i can learn many2 good things from him, (for sure in hellish way) and I know he is willing to teach as many thing as he can to us..maybe i can grow wings by having him as supervisor... thats all, i know that this post is very boring for some people, but for me this post is very precious because of all the feelings I put in this post...(if I got Dr Lim Jit Kang as my supervisor, maybe i will go bald, so I will be sexy like

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jacket Chemical Engineering

Assalamualaikum and good evening, this is the propose jacket design for chemical engineering 3rd year(boys malay)..or so I think,...anyone interested can tell Muhammad Hazman, go find ur friend also to buy so u wont feel awkward wearing this (if u are not our gang la..hahaha) for our gang, fathul said compulsary...better order fast because if can want it before raya or after edition..colour not yet decided...can propose color combination if u want.. so easy to change color..use paint in windows

I love the design, simple.. but the color combination I think too common la..  I think la.. if not agree just modified the color, send to my email   .. if want to order, msg this number 0194524307 .. i dont like the color so i propose this color .. agree ?can comment also..haha ..this is my propose color ... just use paint

about the logo.. we already decide to put USm logo and chess logo.. the red one

Friday, August 13, 2010

Annoying orange

Assalamualaikum , and a very good morning...'s post is not anything related to my life, it is just something that I think funny an good to be watch.. annoying orange.. hahaha..this fella is very annoying that anyone cannot stand to hear what he say..hahaha.. I was introduced to this channel by my sister...during that holiday, even my mother is watching this( my mother rarely watching television except news and certain dramas)...hahaha...Nothing more can explain about this video, u have to watch are some pictures and videos of it.. you can view all of it at annoying orange channel..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bad things turning good(picture will add later, Usm internet got problems)

Assalamualaikum, at last .. a break ..quite busy nowadays.. anyways first of all, i want to wish every Muslim in the world " Happy Fasting month" may we get something valuable out of this month...May all of us manage to finish one month training of Ramadhan..may all of us manage to get closer to Allah SWT... okay, today I want to talk about things that bad can become good in the end actually... maybe some of you ( I think not much ) have read my last few post about Im getting mad at someone and post it in my blog.. well things have come back to normal between us..hahaha..but something that I was surprise is that person has change his attitude and become more responsible and dependable...shock!! yes, if u know that person , you will be shocked too.. How can I suddenly can change my opinion on him...well let me tell u this story, we third year chemical school student want to make a jacket for ourselves, to show us is different from other school student(if dont understand, buat2 pahamlah)... we all have agreed to make the jacket.. to make things better, hazman's brother in law have a t-shirt or shirt factory and have been supplying goverment office and activity , meanings the quality must be good to have supply the goverment bodies...we were very happy back there... Lots2 of idea coming from each of we ask that person to ask his brother in law about it..we want it cheap,hehe) as we all know , that person lack seriousness... he always forget to ask his brother in law, he comes with thousands and thousands of excuse...

and then things become dull.. we are not interested anymore because we dont know how to proceed since that guy still havent ask his brother in law..a semester break past and he still havent ask about it...until, the moment when I post my madness on my blog about it...on monday he went to UKM for his sister graduation, without any hassle he bring my other friend jacket that we all think good for our jacket design, he shows it to his brother in law, ask for details and today he come back telling us about the details.. I am so happy about it, not just because we are going to have new jacket but also because I never think that my post that contain "evil" in it can actually teach good things to my friend.. hopefully I also can be more responsible and not left behind by that person.. because I am also not that good..

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Assalamualaikum,today as I was browsing through the picture in my handphone, I found it is  right to share it because there a lot of picture concerning USM's convocation a.k.a CONVEX that other people may interested in seeing it.

On monday , I went to main campus for royal Concert,first I thought there was a dinner, that is why I go..To my surprise, there is no food provided : =(... I think this concert is one of th activity held as an opening ceremony to CONvex...I dont want to blabber more, may the picture give u all more details about he concert.. Sultan Perlis and his wife come to the concert...

enough about the concert..lets move on to next agenda..on friday , I went to main campus..again... but this time is for the convocation itself..why friday ?? that because on this day our seniors from engineering campus received their certificate... before that we take a walk around the kiosk beside the DTSB... there are so many of them, selling foods, drinks, clothes,camera and etc... just a little bit advance from night market... like chow kit one la..and then we met our seniors, some of them actually have returned to further their education in MA, I think some of them taking Phd now as they got 1st class degree..this is some pictures taken on that for closing ceremonytonight, I hope there are somebody that go there and grab some picture... thats all..thanks