Monday, July 26, 2010

Just another Post ; why mamak restaurant ?

Assalamualaikum and good evening, today is good, even though got class from morning 8 am until 4pm, it not tiring at all, dont know why.. well today Im gonna talk about mamak restaurant( uh, so formal...practice for presentation next week)..okay , why mamak restaurant ?? If you are malaysian, you should know already  the mamak restaurant is the most common place to eat, no need to do a survey, should know already it because of the price, i must say no because food in mamak restaurant is EXPENSIVE, fried chicken is always RM3 and above per piece and nasi kosong is always RM1, compare to normal restaurant, MAMAK restaurant is EXPENSIVE..

Okay, how about the taste, is the mamak restaurant food is very delicious ? i will say no to this because the food in mamak restaurant is always cold already.. even the roti canai they will cook in bulk, and then but in one bucket.. if u order it, they will just reheat the roti canai , sometimes they have reheat it so many times , it becomes hard alreaady...ahhh.. so what is the reason going to MAMAK restaurant ?

This is some reasons that I have figured myself.. ( i dont like go ask people asking thing like this, maybe they will think I am foolish)

1. The mamak restaurant open 24 hours a day all week, all month.. it never close, some of them may write 23 hours per day, but I never see they close their shop =I... i think this is not very good because this will encourage people to go out late at night to eat,when they need the night for sleep to prepare them for next day... there are study on eating late , and the results is it is not good for our health.

2, you can complain whatever you want at mamak restaurant, dont understand ? let me give u a situation , A go to mamak restaurant, he ask for teh tarik BIG GLASS, but when his order came, the teh tarik is SMALL GLASS, he get very irritated with this and scold the mamak who bring him this to when A go normal restaurant, get the small glass when he ordered BIG GLASS, he will just say " tak apelah, tak kisahlah" (no I dont mind with small glass)..the conclusion is we want to scold mamak..hahaha,

enough of mamak story... last saturday, I went to Butterworth to buy few Gundams , i bought three, this is a knoff of version of BANDAI which carries TT HONGLI brand..I think there are no significant differrence between them, and the price is much2 cheaper than BANDAAI one, I get three TT HONGLI brand for 1 BANDAI brand.. maybe the material used is a little difference, and the sticker

this is the few TT HONGLI gundam,

Actually I have finished assemblying one of them , this is some picture

And there is another one on the making

that is for today's post , until next time

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Which one should I buy(already bought the infinite justice)

I wrote this post on Saturday 24th of July, the reason i put this up so late is because there is no internet connection in my room, i dont know whether it is only me or other people in usm is suffering from the same problem,arggh , it is always like this, why do they go for Jaring when there is TM and WiMax that offer better services, ahh, it is okay now, is nice to play with the ip adress,hahaha, anyway, the reason i ppost this because im in a dillema, well it has nothing to do with love or anything related because right now Im not in that kind of thing, lately ive been making little money on my own =) and I want to buy something with it. But the thing is I have too many wishes, I mean it , too many..if possible , I want to make a choice that will not make me regret later...Well, this is the thing that i want to buy and it will be available this Thursday 29th of July, because the shipment will arrive on Wednesday and the dealer will start selling his item starting thursday,well this is the item that thing that have my affection to it..

This unicorn gundam with titanium finish on its surface to make it more shiny..but the price is quite high..

This is normal unicorn gundam, it can transform=) and the price is less than Rm 50 from unicorn gundam titanium finish one but no gattling gun and stand

This is strike + iwsp, well as you can see, it is normal strike equipped with enormous amount of weapon,bang bang

This is strike E + iwsp , same as Strike + IWSP but the body and face is different, real different, commando like face

This is strike noir, I dont why it was given name strike even though it only inherets V fins from strike and the others is completely different

This is infinite justice gundam from gundam seed destiny series, as you can see its colour is quite different from other gundam, pink red..and its articulation is being said to be quite different from other MG series

Last but not least, this is Destiny Extreme Burst mode gundam, well as u can see it is equipped with sword, long gun(bazooka ??) and wings, it's wing will give rainbow colour if exposed to sunlight, everything good except its face, look like it is very sad..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

At last, new post..went to Sabah and Sarawak(old memories, doesnt care if u people don wanna read

Its been a few days since my last post, the reason behind this is the internet is damn slow at night, when I get new ideas to write, the internet speed kacau...ish..ish... but today, Environment class got canceled, I dont know why because didnt pay much attention at the end of the last lecture, anyway , its good, having JK's class for two hours is tiring plus today me and few of my ffriends are fasting..okay from the title should know already la, last month, or last two month, I go to Sabah and Sarawak, actually it is my first time going there and it conclude my journey through each state in Malaysia.. yahoo...Going to Sabah and Sarawak is like going oversea ..the culture is difference, the people is different, wearing tatoo and bertindik is okay there..(I don't know what is bertindik in English), maybe it is just their culture.. The people is nice, unlike KL people who always find every opportunity to cheat you... i go there with my father, he go there to work, I go there for holiday, how lucky(anyway, I am glad he pays for my tickets..)...see the picture, hahaha, like father like son...At Kuching, we reside ourselves at Riverside hotel, it is just behind this Kuching statue, like its name, sebelahnya ialah Sungai Rajang... Im glad we live here, the foods is good , real good , I think it only got 3 star, If I can give them star, I add up one more la...hahaha, futhermore it have its own supermarket on ground floor, nice, near 7E, near Centrepoint shopping centre, and near Jalan Gambir(you know what it sells The best thing about going there is I get to cross Sg Rajang using it's boat, the fees is really low, 50 sen(malaysian cents) can see the picture below , dunno how to edit..not take much picture because the travel is around two minutes only... And then I went to Dayang Salhah kek lapis sarawak shop, it is just cross the river.. actually I dont know the place, but after mendarat from the boat, I followed two akaks(sister).. and arrived at the shop... If u like to eat sweet things like me, you will gone crazy inside there, there are many types of cake there, with its design , marvellous, there is chocolate, vanilla, combination ...wah, so hungry when thinking back about it...i spend more than RM 100 to buy cake there,lol.. actually my father give the money to me if I want to buy any shirts or merchandise, unfortunately I spent halve of it for cakes..(mula dah mengarut)... and then I went to the shopping complex, not quite interested because some of things selling there is quite expensive compared to KL( xpa , orang Sarawak kaya)..and then go to Jalan Gambir, i have been seduce by one brother to buy Gambir, he tells me that Gambir Sarawak can be use for many purpose , not only for I buy them , just keep it because if the one selling at RM 10 there cost RM 70 in Semenanjung...few days there, quite okay la...almost forgot, there I met Dr Ameerul who teach me JDM  last semester, in the class, he is quite garang, but actually he is a funny guy, he goes there as interviewer panel like my father...huh.. so long...
In a boat crossing Rajang river
This is my first time boarding MAS WING, actually it is forbidden to take picture here,lol

My father, i think I was his anak emas because he only bring me, but when I ask him, he said he love all his children

a picture of me, behind me is the boat who will serve me my dinner ,haha

They sell ketam on the road, wonder if that is ketam batu, muslim cannot eat la
Next paragraph, after that we went to Sabah , for my father, same purpose , become interviewer panel, but for me, new place to venture out, this place is much more interesting because we reside at the centre of kota Kinabalu city( I think so)..we live at Le Meridian hotel, quite classy hotel, maybe 4 to 5 star... actually, I dont like to go to high class hotel because the workers there is berlagak... if u wear T shirts and jeans , they will treat you so so je.. but if u come with coat and eerything, they think people wh wear expensive clothes rich??( not in most people always go to hotel wearing slipper only, with singlets and short)..we spend three days there, in front of our hotel is Pasar filipina..forget to tell u , the food in Sabah is very expensive, the roti canai is between Rm1 to Rm 1.20...but at pasar filipina, the food is cheap and delicious, they dont use much ajinamoto in their cooking, all is natural ingredients, every night we went there to eat, the fried rice there I give two tumbs up...even Shasha restaurant or Kedai near Jambatan cannot be compare with them.. One more thing , the pearls in Sabah is very2x cheap... if u go there, dont buy at pasar kraftangan, the price is quite cheap, but if u venture a little at the shop there, ucan get really low price pearls.. for example , for low quality pearl at p.kraftangan u can get at RM 15, but at these shop u can get Rm 4, just imagine how many we buy, and there are many colors of pearls there, for natural got blue black, white and peach, and some others got plated with other colour.. we spend few hundreds for pearls only( mcm x pernah jumpa mutiara)...thats all I think , tired already..


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Despicable Birthday

Hello there, surprise with the title ? Same here la, haha.. this is where you can practice the " dont judge the from its cover ". The title is related to one new movie called despicable movie that I think I will watch when it is being uploaded. It is also related to my birthday

Monday, July 12, 2010

Buy book

Assalamualaikum, today I bought a book called..aah just read from the picture, too lazy to retype.. This book is going to be used for chemical reaction engineering subject( I dont know why this sentence feels so skema, just bare with it.. special thing about this book is this is a second hand'v')..I bought it at rm30 .. the actual price for this book is rm73.. quite the price I got there..(another roundof laugh).. but there is something I dont like about this book..tadaa
He already write his name( damn it) you can see, this book belongs to Raja Khairul....(read it urself la)... dont ask me wether he is blood related to any kings in malaysia, or he is a decendent of any raja malewar, because i just dont know , never ask,not interested...the reason why he sell it to me because he has two same book.. (he said that he terbeli dua, so rich )..but thanks to him I got this book at a very low my father is going to USA tomorrow, so it is rather appreciated if all of you who read this blabbering of mine to pray for his safety during his trip there for ten days, I really want to there myself, but the ticket is so damn expensive, 7000++ for one way I think ,(just teka la, jangan marah kalau salah, I never go myself)..thank you, until next time...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Many people have gone to sleep already, maybe because they are extremely tired because of the angkat barang things.. hahah, dont whine to much la people , i bring 5 kotak from jaya to lembaran alone, okay what, but some people just sleep early as preparation of energy for world cup final tomorrow morning, as for me, im excited too but not that excited since my favourite team italy doing very bad and was sent out early after group dont know wether want to go or not since the mamak place will be veryx4 extra crowded...this the picture of the gundam i assembled, nice right, got some painting and panel lining , havent finished actually, but now im assemblying my new avalnce exia...hahaha
I think it about two months since i last post in this blog, hhahahaha...i want to story to all of you a little la..i have quiet an adventure this morning.. i board train at kajang at about 9pm last night,and then today I arrive at 4.40am at parit buntar..the problem is somewhere around the parit buntar city(or town or just pekan), the train stopi thought we have arrived , so i jumped down the train, that is when i realised we have not yet arrive at the station.. but my friend shahran that i found boarding the same train with me last night jumped down too...after just we jumped down the train, the train started moving again, know what we do..panicked!! hahaha, but not that panic since i can saw some light at the end of the railways..hahaha..cut the story short , we walked along the railway, we met few dogs barking at us(it is in the pagar) and i nearly kicked a puppy( i was lucky, if touch it need to wash with clay water-najis mughalazah).. again ,cut the story short we arrive in front of hotel damai, near bank islam la(if you know parit buntar)... then again a problem , some crazy guy is calling for us, actually shahran want to wait there for his friend, then he changed his mind when he saw the crazy man, then we walked to the bus station, i get a taxi there and go back to usm...(this story may sound biasa , but just imagine you are out of nowhere, on your left you have a pile of rock , and your right you have kelapa sawit trees , cannot see what on the ground and only one source of light(sounds scary right...hahaha).. maybe we got god divine protection that protect us from any harm(syukur alhamdulillah)... oh this is the picture of my new room after i have kemas loh...good ha,big desk, big cupboard , three people only and is on the ground good to be true..yeah.. alhamdulillahx1000