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Friday, April 22, 2011

Solar robot and assembly part 1

Assalamualaikum.. its been like a month and more since I last wrote in this blog.. nothing much happen in this one month and a half, too many assignment, study week, test ...(seems like busy) but actually everyday I only open computer to browse and "learn" about handphone.. its not like I got a new handphone but I just feel like changing handphone, and in this current world, before u buy something, u should learn about it first, if not u will end up regreting what are u buying.. thats what I think la.. Quit ya yapping will u.. I put the title about something else and talk about somthing else..soh chai..

Like the title says, solar robot, it is not really a robot but actually a robot kits...same la.. whatever( while put hands on shoulder eyes see up and take tongue out) ... it can be made into 6 different modes : 1. fan 3. boat and two other modes that I dont understand the function of it...( like I care, I only care about the boat and the fan).. price RM25.00, pretty cheap despite it having solar panel, plastic, engine(very small).. and most of all, 1st of it kind I have ever seen..

Actually I havent finish building it yet because I just collect it from my college office... damn, they didnt inform me that the thing have arrive yesterday.. usually they will send a letter to my room or message me informing the arrival of my packaging, but this time nothing at all. I thought that the package havent arrive because it was post on Wednesday by poslaju.. u cannot expect poslaju to send ur package and arrive the next day we send it... not that reliable...enough again with my yapping.. man I should think before I wrote, it will always end up like this ..sigh..

I get this kit from nice lady form Low Yat Net..I pre order this thing since her stock just finish when I told her I want to buy it. here is the link   .. she also sells other things.. it mentioned at the bottom of her first post.. how good this thing is .. see this   .. before I continue my yapping, this is some picture

For someone who usually build a Gundam, ah so little runner..(we called the plastic part attached to plastic tree=runner).. from my perspective, this kit is pretty cool.. the quality of the plastic is good.. plastic molding =good.. I cant see any defect part.. we got very nice flat white and near clear flat green.. very environmental colour.. I like it.. If I want to spray to other colour, I might buy another piece..Because this thing is super cute, you can also give it to ur friends as gift..

This is some equipment that I used to help me build this kit. actually u dont really need them to build it, since I got this in my locker, I just use it to get more cleaned build.. u can use nirmal scissor to cut the kit or just your hand, but it will be little hard la...

Solar panel ?? little bigger than your usual dashboard car toy that move under sunshine

Like I mentioned before, super small engine.. wallaoo

Compare the engine with my hand, my hand is small one, so u can see how small it cute, need to handle with extra care during assembling it

Damn...bad camera.. 2 picture above this is suppose to show how great is the detail and to show there is no molding defect on this product.. this can only mean one thing, this company made this kit themselves.. not copy from other people.. Kits that usually(almost) have molding defect are pirates kit..

The last picure show how much progress I have done with this kit.. this part is the engine part.. actually I have finish building the solar panel, just havent take the picture of it yet.. some people might say I dont know how to assemble, might broken.. may i ask u one thing ? are u so rough with things that u just buy ? no la.. usually u will love things that u just buy even it is just pencil.. new pencil is always the favourite one right.. for this kit.. no worry la.. the instruction manual is superb.. very detail.. and the label on the runner like A1 B1 A2 helps a lot.. this is some picture I take from the woman I bought this kit.. basically the end product that u will make yourselves

That is all I think.. if u are interested with this kit, you can always check her site hereWLean Online shopping .. she sells a lot of good and rare stuff, things u usually couldnt find in local store.. hope u all try it.. thanks ..wassalam

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Past versus current

Assalamualaikum and very good afternoon or evening is a very tiring day, but still when I have something in mind, and want to write it on blog, I will write it.. rest can wait..

Last few days, me and my fellow coursemate went to Industrial visit, we were introduced on how we will work when we graduated later.. But, one thing that catch my mind and still keep on replaying from that day until today is.... there is one process manager working there gives motivational talk to us.. He tells us that the work is not as easy as we think it is, we need to be ready for everything and bla bla bla.. I agreed with all what he is saying.. but there is one thing, only one thing that I cannot agree with him 100%.

What is it ? He is saying that, youngsters nowadays are lazy and have no attitude... It is not like I am completely disagree with him, but what he is doing is lump all youngsters that exist today and make a conclusion out of it.. That is so not right.. I am not saying that he is the only one who says things like that, even my parent and family says something like that which I am not totally agree..

Here is my argument, when u say that youngster nowadays is lazy, no attitude, and things like that, I want to ask u, is the generation before us is far better, how about the generation before than before us, is they far far better ?
1.u said that u fight for independence, that is because there is no independence at that time, if nowadays we dont have independence, we may like Egypt youngsters fighting for what they believe, Allah..they fight against corrupted government...and who is the one who lost independence in the first place, is it not the generation before before before us ?
2.U said youngsters nowadays is lazy, but how about people who everyday buying lottery tickets ? is it not generation before before us, and they even teach kids nowadays to buy lottery ticket.. how about people who everyday lepak at kedai kopi, arent they the generation before us ?
3. U said that youngsters nowadays have no attitude, no respect for the elders.. how about people from generation before us ? some of them even leave their parent at old people house.. Isnt what they doing is same as us...I have a story on this part and actually the main reason that triggered my blog writing today, today when I was driving car to go to shop, I stumbled upon a car that was not driving in the right track,this is how things happen
I hit my car brake and smile at the driver, instead of greeting me with smile or say he is sorry, that driver scold and spit out bad words.. his age is bout late 30 or 40's.. and u say generation before us is better ?

In conclusion, it is not which generation is better than other generation, but lumping together good people and bad people due to their generation, I myself have do most of things in this life my hardest, hearing things like actually broke my heart.. Not all people in my generation is lazy, we also have a hardworking type, respectful type same as generation before us, but we also have not good one, not every apple can be a good apple, that what makes this world, the world not consist of one type only, and not all good people today will be good people tomorrow and not all bad people today will be bad people tomorrow..Everyone still have their chance to correct their past mistakes...It is our job to correct each other mistake, young people can correct old people mistake, and young people MUSt listen to what old people said... only then happiness and satisfaction can be found... the world doesnt work one way.. it must two three ways interaction.. Until then, wassalam..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Please be careful

Assalamualaikum and good morning.. its been like weeks since the last time I post here, it not like I am busy or anything, just lazy..

To sum up what I think big thing that have been happening to me since the last post is
1. I already my place for Industrial training
- actually i already got two place for my Industrial Training, one which is located in Pulau Indah, Kelang~Soon Soon Oil Mill and the other one is in Bandar Baru Bangi which located near my house~Dynaplast.. according to google map, it was located only 9 minutes away...hahaha, I can go to work late...A is my house, and B is the Dynaplast area ( never been there)

I have already rejected the offer from Soon Soon Oil Mill because the place is kinda hard for me to go, ( actually I ask for the one at Perai, Penang.. instead they give me at Pulau Indah, maybe it is just not for me, for someone else maybe)
2. Last week  I have lab and it was hell.. from 9pm to 4pm.. its not like I want to whine or anything but because it is so boring, nothing much to do since we consist of 4 to 5 person per group and most of the time we only need to collect data~ i am kinda not like it)
3. My phone broke.. haha, actually only the speaker... when I talk in the phone, the other people didnt hear what I am saying.. so yesterday I went to phone shop in Parit Buntar to buy myself new phone.. upon arriving at the shop, i was thinking if I can ever repair my old phone at cheap price... and voila, to fix the microphone only cost me Rm 20.. ( actually I dont think the mic cost Rm 20, must be around rm3-4 if buy myself) considering I dont know how to open the phone, RM 20 is okay la... then the shop keeper start opening my phone, kinda rough...urggh..he replace the mic and try it HIMSELF.. then he said to me, owh the IC for the mic is broken la, not the mic.. he said i need to left my phone around 2 days and refuse to have trade in unless my phone is repaired 1st.. umm I smell something tricky, so i said, no need to replace the mic.. and I left the shop.. my assumption is the phone is not broke and voila, it is true, I try calling my friends and they hear me...yeah.. so what i conclude is actually my mic IC not if I left there say 2 days, pay RM 50( IC cost me RM50).. then come back two days later, trade in.. the shop will earn RM50 out of nothing.. MAGIC... maybe the mic is not properly connected, thats why I seems like broken, by that shop owner opening my phone , he actually repaired my phone ACCIDENTALLY.. haha.. thank god .. Alhamdulillah.. I am out of my misery for FREE..
4. Last but not least is yesterday, yeah.. actually this is the main reason I feel like blogging this morning.. Last night I went to my mommy's house( kinda like foster mother) to eat and some kind of matchmaking session( I hate this but always love eating..haha), it is located on Penang Island, Bayan Lepas... but its nothing important about it... it is what I saw during my Journey there is important.. actually when I got out from Sg, Bakap toll station (near USM), I saw a motorcyclist dropping nails on the road.... I repeat, DROPPING NAILS ON THE ROAD... i am positive about it, because  saw the shape of the thing he drop, actually I was planning on kicking him out of his motorbike, but thinking that the accident might lead to death, I cancelled it... but the thing is I was traumatized by that is the picture( I draw myself on where actually the area that guy drop his NAILS
assuming there is no cars and motorcycle, this is the area

so tips to avoid the nails, always and always drive your motorcycle on the right sidde of the path since that guy drop using his left hand so most of the nail will drop on his left side, this is because the right hand is used to pull the throttle.. the best way is to drive your motorcyle on Car's path, it is a bit dangerous because of the lorry and all busses,  but the probability of you get a puncture tyre is less..this is the modified picture of how that guy release his nails..

I think that's all for today, I got to class,, wassalam and sayonara..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st day of 2011

Assalamualaikum, and welcome to my blog for those who are 1st time being here...hehe... today was 1st January of 2011, may this year be may a better year for all of us...let see...I think today I want to do a combine post as I feel very lazy right now but still I want to do justice to the things that I have in mind right now.. I will seperate it by paragraph, so just read only the one that u have interest only, or else just leave, its okay..

1. Married early
2.New Year Resolution
3. Comic

1st thing first, MARRIED EARLY .. I have been thinking of writing this post for the past few weeks already but just lazy and busy.. this post is due to quite recent accident where there is a couple who married where the bridegroom is 24 years old and the bride is 14 years old, last year and today they are 1 year older hahaha... Well it is not really a problem since all their family members are supporting their decision to get the girl married early and the couple is also have made an agreement so that the husband will let his wife finish her study first before having child and so on so on... okay this where it becomes interesting, their marriage become so famous when they join Majlis Meraikan Pengantin 1Malaysia by JAWI, this event are attend by few politician and of course local media .. and the result of it, everyone knows about it, and people start to comment. One female politician who her name cannot be mentioned here have been condemning about their marriage few times in the newspaper(this is where I know about this event though.. very outdated of me).. Onfortunately, I did not agree with this politician view on this thing.
1. 1st is because both of the bride and and bridegroom together with their family are agreed with this marriage.
2. Early marriage is not bad actually, because it close the door to bad things to influence the girl like uncontrol social relationship, sex before marriage, and other bad things that happen nowadays that make us adult worried about the future. Most people in the Old days and rural area married early and its not a problem, actually married late like over 30s is more worrying.
3. Early marriage will affect the girl education, HELLO...her hubby is a teacher lo.. who knows the importance of education more than teacher. Not only that, because she had married, her sence of responsibility will rise exponentially and thus will give her more strength to study.. Not to mention that she will not involve in thing like SMSing and Facebooking try looking for someone as husband as she already have a husband..haha
4. What else, oh yes, the politician is worried that this will become a trend, what the hell.. it is good thing my lady.. we have been bound by our culture so much, women cannot marry someone younger than him, man cannot marry someone who is taller than him, marrying an old bachelor is also cannot...too much, we must get rid of this kind of culture as the most importat thing is we get married to someone we love and someone who love us .. thats it....

the picture from the event, taken from other people's blog

As this a combine post, this will be a long post and I dont like long post since it will make my blog look like full of words...arrgh.. more picture please
Both picture taken from Toymaker, non related just to make my blog full of pictures
as for the second part of the post is about New Years aim, since this is 1st of January and early of Muharram, or else it wont make any sense..actually I have made mine since the first of Muharram
1. Like everybody else, I want to be a betterr person
    - become a better Allah's servant
    - more dedicate to work
    - become nicer to people
    - take care of my words since I am famous for being a people who like to complain about people
    - learn how to make more money
    - become more patient
    - learn to speak English fluently
    - learn to modify a Gundam~diorama and etc
    - be punctual
    - study hard
    - write more in this blog...hmm hmm
    - what else, if I want to add some more, I will just edit the post as a reminder to myself to follow my resolution

And for the last part of this post, I will just do a comic review... for those who only read Naruto, there will be Naruto for the next three weeks.. hahaha, learn to read other comics too la...Now I present u Gundam-san... I know I am little crazy about Gundam, but this comic is nothing about robot fighting and shooting, it is a comic strip based on Gundam one year war.. very very funny.. this is one of the many that I like

if u dont understand this strip, it is about Char Aznable who is very crazy about Red colour and horn, not only on his mobile suit(his robot) but also everything in his life, better read it from the start to understand the character more at .... but be careful as some of the jokes is so non understandable as this comic strip is based on original gundam that most of us in 20s like me havent been born yeat when the comic and its animation coming out.. thats all wsm..