Saturday, March 12, 2011

Past versus current

Assalamualaikum and very good afternoon or evening is a very tiring day, but still when I have something in mind, and want to write it on blog, I will write it.. rest can wait..

Last few days, me and my fellow coursemate went to Industrial visit, we were introduced on how we will work when we graduated later.. But, one thing that catch my mind and still keep on replaying from that day until today is.... there is one process manager working there gives motivational talk to us.. He tells us that the work is not as easy as we think it is, we need to be ready for everything and bla bla bla.. I agreed with all what he is saying.. but there is one thing, only one thing that I cannot agree with him 100%.

What is it ? He is saying that, youngsters nowadays are lazy and have no attitude... It is not like I am completely disagree with him, but what he is doing is lump all youngsters that exist today and make a conclusion out of it.. That is so not right.. I am not saying that he is the only one who says things like that, even my parent and family says something like that which I am not totally agree..

Here is my argument, when u say that youngster nowadays is lazy, no attitude, and things like that, I want to ask u, is the generation before us is far better, how about the generation before than before us, is they far far better ?
1.u said that u fight for independence, that is because there is no independence at that time, if nowadays we dont have independence, we may like Egypt youngsters fighting for what they believe, Allah..they fight against corrupted government...and who is the one who lost independence in the first place, is it not the generation before before before us ?
2.U said youngsters nowadays is lazy, but how about people who everyday buying lottery tickets ? is it not generation before before us, and they even teach kids nowadays to buy lottery ticket.. how about people who everyday lepak at kedai kopi, arent they the generation before us ?
3. U said that youngsters nowadays have no attitude, no respect for the elders.. how about people from generation before us ? some of them even leave their parent at old people house.. Isnt what they doing is same as us...I have a story on this part and actually the main reason that triggered my blog writing today, today when I was driving car to go to shop, I stumbled upon a car that was not driving in the right track,this is how things happen
I hit my car brake and smile at the driver, instead of greeting me with smile or say he is sorry, that driver scold and spit out bad words.. his age is bout late 30 or 40's.. and u say generation before us is better ?

In conclusion, it is not which generation is better than other generation, but lumping together good people and bad people due to their generation, I myself have do most of things in this life my hardest, hearing things like actually broke my heart.. Not all people in my generation is lazy, we also have a hardworking type, respectful type same as generation before us, but we also have not good one, not every apple can be a good apple, that what makes this world, the world not consist of one type only, and not all good people today will be good people tomorrow and not all bad people today will be bad people tomorrow..Everyone still have their chance to correct their past mistakes...It is our job to correct each other mistake, young people can correct old people mistake, and young people MUSt listen to what old people said... only then happiness and satisfaction can be found... the world doesnt work one way.. it must two three ways interaction.. Until then, wassalam..


  1. wow, what a experince!

    i agree with ur idea, and our young generation here seems to become useless because of the lack of guidance from their parents. bcoz, our parents' generation their parents (means our grandfather's generation) so straight towards parental guidance to their children. Then when next generation become parents, they (not all) gave less guide to their children. So then, we become defect products! Rite?

  2. its not like our generation become useless.. our generation is also good ok...