Friday, April 22, 2011

Solar robot and assembly part 1

Assalamualaikum.. its been like a month and more since I last wrote in this blog.. nothing much happen in this one month and a half, too many assignment, study week, test ...(seems like busy) but actually everyday I only open computer to browse and "learn" about handphone.. its not like I got a new handphone but I just feel like changing handphone, and in this current world, before u buy something, u should learn about it first, if not u will end up regreting what are u buying.. thats what I think la.. Quit ya yapping will u.. I put the title about something else and talk about somthing else..soh chai..

Like the title says, solar robot, it is not really a robot but actually a robot kits...same la.. whatever( while put hands on shoulder eyes see up and take tongue out) ... it can be made into 6 different modes : 1. fan 3. boat and two other modes that I dont understand the function of it...( like I care, I only care about the boat and the fan).. price RM25.00, pretty cheap despite it having solar panel, plastic, engine(very small).. and most of all, 1st of it kind I have ever seen..

Actually I havent finish building it yet because I just collect it from my college office... damn, they didnt inform me that the thing have arrive yesterday.. usually they will send a letter to my room or message me informing the arrival of my packaging, but this time nothing at all. I thought that the package havent arrive because it was post on Wednesday by poslaju.. u cannot expect poslaju to send ur package and arrive the next day we send it... not that reliable...enough again with my yapping.. man I should think before I wrote, it will always end up like this ..sigh..

I get this kit from nice lady form Low Yat Net..I pre order this thing since her stock just finish when I told her I want to buy it. here is the link   .. she also sells other things.. it mentioned at the bottom of her first post.. how good this thing is .. see this   .. before I continue my yapping, this is some picture

For someone who usually build a Gundam, ah so little runner..(we called the plastic part attached to plastic tree=runner).. from my perspective, this kit is pretty cool.. the quality of the plastic is good.. plastic molding =good.. I cant see any defect part.. we got very nice flat white and near clear flat green.. very environmental colour.. I like it.. If I want to spray to other colour, I might buy another piece..Because this thing is super cute, you can also give it to ur friends as gift..

This is some equipment that I used to help me build this kit. actually u dont really need them to build it, since I got this in my locker, I just use it to get more cleaned build.. u can use nirmal scissor to cut the kit or just your hand, but it will be little hard la...

Solar panel ?? little bigger than your usual dashboard car toy that move under sunshine

Like I mentioned before, super small engine.. wallaoo

Compare the engine with my hand, my hand is small one, so u can see how small it cute, need to handle with extra care during assembling it

Damn...bad camera.. 2 picture above this is suppose to show how great is the detail and to show there is no molding defect on this product.. this can only mean one thing, this company made this kit themselves.. not copy from other people.. Kits that usually(almost) have molding defect are pirates kit..

The last picure show how much progress I have done with this kit.. this part is the engine part.. actually I have finish building the solar panel, just havent take the picture of it yet.. some people might say I dont know how to assemble, might broken.. may i ask u one thing ? are u so rough with things that u just buy ? no la.. usually u will love things that u just buy even it is just pencil.. new pencil is always the favourite one right.. for this kit.. no worry la.. the instruction manual is superb.. very detail.. and the label on the runner like A1 B1 A2 helps a lot.. this is some picture I take from the woman I bought this kit.. basically the end product that u will make yourselves

That is all I think.. if u are interested with this kit, you can always check her site hereWLean Online shopping .. she sells a lot of good and rare stuff, things u usually couldnt find in local store.. hope u all try it.. thanks ..wassalam