Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank Allah Im alive..thank you Jit kang

 Assalamualaikum.. Its been so long since the last time I post in this blog...this past few weeks have been very hectic for me, not only me but for all my coursemate as well .. for the past two weeks, I have encountered 6 different test, first I got thinking techniques test, and then I have writing test for english, Taekwondo test,Reaction test, Process control test, seperation test.. Well, it is difficult to handle all these test, not to mention some of them are really difficult... got many2 assignment to do also.. some of the assignment I just copy from my friend like a photostate machine, I didnt know what i write.. but the most difficult assignment is the seperation assginment, the assignment is we need to tackle oil spillage problem that occur in gulf of mexico, that is not the real problem, the problem is the spillage is so much, too many oil have spoil onto the gulf and covers approximately 10000 km square, if u have learn how long is one km in your secondary school, you can imagine how big the area is.
We need to propose a solution to the problem, this assignment have to be done in group, we were given option wether to make experiment that can convince Dr Lim Jit Kang it will work to solve a problem or wrtite a term paper proposing the solution, the both task is hard but most of the group dont want to take the 1st option because we afraid to confront Dr Lim, because we know he is very good in arguing people's work, but things change tremendously when my friend's group Liow Kok Loong and his friend doing the 1st option, from that his group get full marks, we were all very astonished, because we know now we are 10 marks behind Kok Loong's group to achieve good results in final exam. So all the groups get into meeting to discuss solution for the assignment, we were given quite a long time for the assignment, but we start looking for the solution for this problem 3 weeks before submission day, which is quite late..when the times all groups start proposing our own solution, we realised that Dr. Lim have increase the difficulty of the assignment 10x harder.. the thing is the oil have started to sink into deep sea, the depth is 1 km,..what the hell, how are we going to solve problem where even mankind can't exist..not only that we also need to calculate all the cost of transporting our material( in this case ,absorbance), how we keep the material, where we get our material where we keep, the strategy of using our material, dilution rate, dynamic properties of sea water, all of this we have to find "real" information about it..we can't just make assumption for our calculation, maybe other people from other university or other country have applied this kind of study technique in their study, but for us which is first timer, we were quite shock when our idea, method, calculation being rejected few times by Dr. Lim..luckily my groups manage to finish our assignment on time which is the last day of submission day..i think this assignment is the 2nd best thing I have done in USM, the first one is when Taekwondo club which has very2 few members manage to organize Open championship where we invite all public and private universities in all Malaysia.. it has always been the best experience i have because i am able to know more about my friends especially friends from other races like chinese and indian... the second one is this , the seperation assignment, even though the assignment is superx4 hard, but when looking back at it Im proud Im one of the people who involve in this assignment, not only that I also learn many things oout of this , i learn that we must not delay our work , I also learn how to argue about my idea, i learn how to support my friends. so much good thing come out from this assignment but it also have it own downside, but this is all due to us delaying the work at first, we have to sacrifice our time to finish the assignment, on tuesday night, my group stay up until morning to finish all the calculation needed by Dr Lim, not only that most of other night we have to stay preparing for the experiment, so we have not studying this past week, copying other people's work..but this is all due to our own fault, I will not put the blame on Dr. Lim because I know myself he is also sacrificing his leisure time to ensure we manage to finish this assignment, if I can give marks, I will give him 99/100 marks, he has been doing good job, many other lecturers were impressed by his work and want to follow his example..

i learn that Dr Lim will be teaching us again for the next semester, I will be waiting for his surprise again next semester..And also my other wish is to have him as my superviser for my fyp or design project, because I know i can learn many2 good things from him, (for sure in hellish way) and I know he is willing to teach as many thing as he can to us..maybe i can grow wings by having him as supervisor... thats all, i know that this post is very boring for some people, but for me this post is very precious because of all the feelings I put in this post...(if I got Dr Lim Jit Kang as my supervisor, maybe i will go bald, so I will be sexy like