Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jacket Chemical Engineering

Assalamualaikum and good evening, this is the propose jacket design for chemical engineering 3rd year(boys malay)..or so I think,...anyone interested can tell Muhammad Hazman, go find ur friend also to buy so u wont feel awkward wearing this (if u are not our gang la..hahaha) for our gang, fathul said compulsary...better order fast because if can want it before raya or after raya..limited edition..colour not yet decided...can propose color combination if u want.. so easy to change color..use paint in windows

I love the design, simple.. but the color combination I think too common la..  I think la.. if not agree just modified the color, send to my email mhb101029@student.usm.my   .. if want to order, msg this number 0194524307 .. i dont like the color so i propose this color .. agree ?can comment also..haha ..this is my propose color ... just use paint

about the logo.. we already decide to put USm logo and chess logo.. the red one

Friday, August 13, 2010

Annoying orange

Assalamualaikum , and a very good morning... aha..today's post is not anything related to my life, it is just something that I think funny an good to be watch.. annoying orange.. hahaha..this fella is very annoying that anyone cannot stand to hear what he say..hahaha.. I was introduced to this channel by my sister...during that holiday, even my mother is watching this( my mother rarely watching television except news and certain dramas)...hahaha...Nothing more can explain about this video, u have to watch it..here are some pictures and videos of it.. you can view all of it at annoying orange channel..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bad things turning good(picture will add later, Usm internet got problems)

Assalamualaikum, at last .. a break ..quite busy nowadays.. anyways first of all, i want to wish every Muslim in the world " Happy Fasting month" may we get something valuable out of this month...May all of us manage to finish one month training of Ramadhan..may all of us manage to get closer to Allah SWT... okay, today I want to talk about things that bad can become good in the end actually... maybe some of you ( I think not much ) have read my last few post about Im getting mad at someone and post it in my blog.. well things have come back to normal between us..hahaha..but something that I was surprise is that person has change his attitude and become more responsible and dependable...shock!! yes, if u know that person , you will be shocked too.. How can I suddenly can change my opinion on him...well let me tell u this story, we third year chemical school student want to make a jacket for ourselves, to show us is different from other school student(if dont understand, buat2 pahamlah)... we all have agreed to make the jacket.. to make things better, hazman's brother in law have a t-shirt or shirt factory and have been supplying goverment office and activity , meanings the quality must be good to have supply the goverment bodies...we were very happy back there... Lots2 of idea coming from each of us...so we ask that person to ask his brother in law about it..we want it cheap,hehe)...so as we all know , that person lack seriousness... he always forget to ask his brother in law, he comes with thousands and thousands of excuse...

and then things become dull.. we are not interested anymore because we dont know how to proceed since that guy still havent ask his brother in law..a semester break past and he still havent ask about it...until, the moment when I post my madness on my blog about it...on monday he went to UKM for his sister graduation, without any hassle he bring my other friend jacket that we all think good for our jacket design, he shows it to his brother in law, ask for details and miracles..wow..and today he come back telling us about the details.. I am so happy about it, not just because we are going to have new jacket but also because I never think that my post that contain "evil" in it can actually teach good things to my friend.. hopefully I also can be more responsible and not left behind by that person.. because I am also not that good..

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Assalamualaikum,today as I was browsing through the picture in my handphone, I found it is  right to share it because there a lot of picture concerning USM's convocation a.k.a CONVEX that other people may interested in seeing it.

On monday , I went to main campus for royal Concert,first I thought there was a dinner, that is why I go..To my surprise, there is no food provided : =(... I think this concert is one of th activity held as an opening ceremony to CONvex...I dont want to blabber more, may the picture give u all more details about he concert.. Sultan Perlis and his wife come to the concert...

enough about the concert..lets move on to next agenda..on friday , I went to main campus..again... but this time is for the convocation itself..why friday ?? that because on this day our seniors from engineering campus received their certificate... before that we take a walk around the kiosk beside the DTSB... there are so many of them, selling foods, drinks, clothes,camera and etc... just a little bit advance from night market... like chow kit one la..and then we met our seniors, some of them actually have returned to further their education in MA, I think some of them taking Phd now as they got 1st class degree..this is some pictures taken on that day..as for closing ceremonytonight, I hope there are somebody that go there and grab some picture... thats all..thanks