Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Please be careful

Assalamualaikum and good morning.. its been like weeks since the last time I post here, it not like I am busy or anything, just lazy..

To sum up what I think big thing that have been happening to me since the last post is
1. I already my place for Industrial training
- actually i already got two place for my Industrial Training, one which is located in Pulau Indah, Kelang~Soon Soon Oil Mill and the other one is in Bandar Baru Bangi which located near my house~Dynaplast.. according to google map, it was located only 9 minutes away...hahaha, I can go to work late...A is my house, and B is the Dynaplast area ( never been there)

I have already rejected the offer from Soon Soon Oil Mill because the place is kinda hard for me to go, ( actually I ask for the one at Perai, Penang.. instead they give me at Pulau Indah, maybe it is just not for me, for someone else maybe)
2. Last week  I have lab and it was hell.. from 9pm to 4pm.. its not like I want to whine or anything but because it is so boring, nothing much to do since we consist of 4 to 5 person per group and most of the time we only need to collect data~ i am kinda not like it)
3. My phone broke.. haha, actually only the speaker... when I talk in the phone, the other people didnt hear what I am saying.. so yesterday I went to phone shop in Parit Buntar to buy myself new phone.. upon arriving at the shop, i was thinking if I can ever repair my old phone at cheap price... and voila, to fix the microphone only cost me Rm 20.. ( actually I dont think the mic cost Rm 20, must be around rm3-4 if buy myself) considering I dont know how to open the phone, RM 20 is okay la... then the shop keeper start opening my phone, kinda rough...urggh..he replace the mic and try it HIMSELF.. then he said to me, owh the IC for the mic is broken la, not the mic.. he said i need to left my phone around 2 days and refuse to have trade in unless my phone is repaired 1st.. umm I smell something tricky, so i said, no need to replace the mic.. and I left the shop.. my assumption is the phone is not broke and voila, it is true, I try calling my friends and they hear me...yeah.. so what i conclude is actually my mic IC not broken..so if I left there say 2 days, pay RM 50( IC cost me RM50).. then come back two days later, trade in.. the shop will earn RM50 out of nothing.. MAGIC... maybe the mic is not properly connected, thats why I seems like broken, by that shop owner opening my phone , he actually repaired my phone ACCIDENTALLY.. haha.. thank god .. Alhamdulillah.. I am out of my misery for FREE..
4. Last but not least is yesterday, yeah.. actually this is the main reason I feel like blogging this morning.. Last night I went to my mommy's house( kinda like foster mother) to eat and some kind of matchmaking session( I hate this but always love eating..haha), it is located on Penang Island, Bayan Lepas... but its nothing important about it... it is what I saw during my Journey there is important.. actually when I got out from Sg, Bakap toll station (near USM), I saw a motorcyclist dropping nails on the road.... I repeat, DROPPING NAILS ON THE ROAD... i am positive about it, because  saw the shape of the thing he drop, actually I was planning on kicking him out of his motorbike, but thinking that the accident might lead to death, I cancelled it... but the thing is I was traumatized by that incident...here is the picture( I draw myself on where actually the area that guy drop his NAILS
assuming there is no cars and motorcycle, this is the area

so tips to avoid the nails, always and always drive your motorcycle on the right sidde of the path since that guy drop using his left hand so most of the nail will drop on his left side, this is because the right hand is used to pull the throttle.. the best way is to drive your motorcyle on Car's path, it is a bit dangerous because of the lorry and all busses,  but the probability of you get a puncture tyre is less..this is the modified picture of how that guy release his nails..

I think that's all for today, I got to class,, wassalam and sayonara..

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