Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st day of 2011

Assalamualaikum, and welcome to my blog for those who are 1st time being here...hehe... today was 1st January of 2011, may this year be may a better year for all of us...let see...I think today I want to do a combine post as I feel very lazy right now but still I want to do justice to the things that I have in mind right now.. I will seperate it by paragraph, so just read only the one that u have interest only, or else just leave, its okay..

1. Married early
2.New Year Resolution
3. Comic

1st thing first, MARRIED EARLY .. I have been thinking of writing this post for the past few weeks already but just lazy and busy.. this post is due to quite recent accident where there is a couple who married where the bridegroom is 24 years old and the bride is 14 years old, last year and today they are 1 year older hahaha... Well it is not really a problem since all their family members are supporting their decision to get the girl married early and the couple is also have made an agreement so that the husband will let his wife finish her study first before having child and so on so on... okay this where it becomes interesting, their marriage become so famous when they join Majlis Meraikan Pengantin 1Malaysia by JAWI, this event are attend by few politician and of course local media .. and the result of it, everyone knows about it, and people start to comment. One female politician who her name cannot be mentioned here have been condemning about their marriage few times in the newspaper(this is where I know about this event though.. very outdated of me).. Onfortunately, I did not agree with this politician view on this thing.
1. 1st is because both of the bride and and bridegroom together with their family are agreed with this marriage.
2. Early marriage is not bad actually, because it close the door to bad things to influence the girl like uncontrol social relationship, sex before marriage, and other bad things that happen nowadays that make us adult worried about the future. Most people in the Old days and rural area married early and its not a problem, actually married late like over 30s is more worrying.
3. Early marriage will affect the girl education, HELLO...her hubby is a teacher lo.. who knows the importance of education more than teacher. Not only that, because she had married, her sence of responsibility will rise exponentially and thus will give her more strength to study.. Not to mention that she will not involve in thing like SMSing and Facebooking try looking for someone as husband as she already have a husband..haha
4. What else, oh yes, the politician is worried that this will become a trend, what the hell.. it is good thing my lady.. we have been bound by our culture so much, women cannot marry someone younger than him, man cannot marry someone who is taller than him, marrying an old bachelor is also cannot...too much, we must get rid of this kind of culture as the most importat thing is we get married to someone we love and someone who love us .. thats it....

the picture from the event, taken from other people's blog

As this a combine post, this will be a long post and I dont like long post since it will make my blog look like full of words...arrgh.. more picture please
Both picture taken from Toymaker, non related just to make my blog full of pictures
as for the second part of the post is about New Years aim, since this is 1st of January and early of Muharram, or else it wont make any sense..actually I have made mine since the first of Muharram
1. Like everybody else, I want to be a betterr person
    - become a better Allah's servant
    - more dedicate to work
    - become nicer to people
    - take care of my words since I am famous for being a people who like to complain about people
    - learn how to make more money
    - become more patient
    - learn to speak English fluently
    - learn to modify a Gundam~diorama and etc
    - be punctual
    - study hard
    - write more in this blog...hmm hmm
    - what else, if I want to add some more, I will just edit the post as a reminder to myself to follow my resolution

And for the last part of this post, I will just do a comic review... for those who only read Naruto, there will be Naruto for the next three weeks.. hahaha, learn to read other comics too la...Now I present u Gundam-san... I know I am little crazy about Gundam, but this comic is nothing about robot fighting and shooting, it is a comic strip based on Gundam one year war.. very very funny.. this is one of the many that I like

if u dont understand this strip, it is about Char Aznable who is very crazy about Red colour and horn, not only on his mobile suit(his robot) but also everything in his life, better read it from the start to understand the character more at .... but be careful as some of the jokes is so non understandable as this comic strip is based on original gundam that most of us in 20s like me havent been born yeat when the comic and its animation coming out.. thats all wsm..

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