Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just When I think nothing can get crazier... argghh

Assalamualaikum... actually I dont think it is a good thing to update my blog too frequent because my blog is not a place where I gather information throughout internet and compile it here, this blog is just like my diary or somewhere I think I need to release my stress or something like that and bla bla bla again...

What I want to say here today is quite stressful for me , it is quite emotional, so if u are not kind of people who can accept this, just leave, dont read..

1st is about tomorrow, 31st December, is a holiday due to Malaysia's win over Indonesia in Suzuki AFF cup, I know that I am suppose to be happy as a Malaysian, but because I made a wrong decision on Tuesday, 2 days ago, that day I suppose to decide on wether to go back home, follow my family for Family Day in Felda Spring in Sungkai or stay at USM, focus on my study... I chose to stay and that is when all go wrong,

Wednesday class is just half day and the class is still only on kind of introduction, nothing much, no calculation, no extra reading, no assignment, just INTRODUCTION...

Thursday, today we suppose to have Lab, but still havent started yet because there is no briefiing yet to commence, the time we suppose to have briefing is on Friday

Friday, 31st december as mentioned above, Malaysia got a public holiday...Plus Saturday and Sunday, I actually got a total of 4 days holiday, starting today... I feel like crying when I called my mother this morning about how dissapointed I am with this news, I am also got emotional due to some people have been talking on my back about MONEY, how money affect what people think about you, I am so sad.. but I dont care anymore about it because I know the truth behind it all..

If u read my previous post, u may understand how busy I am during holiday or u may not, I dont know... I remember in the last week of holiday where I finally got REAL holiday, I watch anime at145% playback speed, because I want to finish it before semester start, at that time I think I really dont have much time,and here I am having to much extra time, nothing much to do, some people started to hate me also, I dont like this..

I am kind of dissapointed that Prime Minister of Malaysia give us holiday, because it is not like we, the citizen deserve it as much.. I think the people who deserve most is the Player, coach and people that really involve in the game actually, because they put an effort into it, not sitting at Mamak Restaurant, hitting the table like crazy people(sorry..) and futhermore we only win by aggregate, we lost last night actually for people who doesnt know, what I understand from people say is
1.Sunday we win 3-0
2.Wednesday we lost 1-2
by aggregate 3+1 = 4, we win 4-2
I know this is the first time, but this is too much, some people suggest that gave the coach Rajagopal a Dato' title( title like Sir in London).. what I think the most appropriate thing to do by Malaysian Goverment is to give better allowance to sportman in Malaysia, give more support, dont involve political related issue to sport industry, give better facility,better counselling education( the players really need this to maintain their focus and composure during games) so Malaysia can win more after this, we really dont want Malaysia's win for the first time is the Malaysia's win for the last time, dont we ..arrgh I talk so much and nott that related to myself anymore.

I think thats all, next I think I want to post about illuminati and what I think about it, wether it is true or a myth..wsm

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  1. hm2..first of all, i'm apologizing if i'm the one who talking behind you..huhu, but hope not me.

    yeah, i'm also disappointed when we are having holiday during this friday, feeling like there's no need that. we as mahasiswa has nothing to do with holiday coz it will affect our schedule soon.

    and about your cuti2 with family, i know it's the time for you with family when there is a trip to go to. but i respect u coz u choose academic rather than the trip. it's awesome! although it's the wrong decision, as a friend i'm proud of u bro!