Monday, December 13, 2010

Today 13th Disember 2010

Assalamualaikum.. It have few days since the last time I post in this blog....Finally, i started my holiday, my REAL holiday when I am not bounded to anything else anymore.. fuuh, I can do whatever i want starting today, no more work, no more managing wedding, no more boot camps...finally...

Like my other semester, I am always went to Low Yat Plaza to look for gadget or any computer accesories... but after went there, I feel like I am not into that kind of thing anymore, when I look at new release handphone, I am no longer excited like I was before.. when I walk around the shops that selling computer and laptops, same thing is happening, i am no longer excited to see all the graphic cards, gaming keyboard and mouse.. this is a very shocking thing that happen to me this last few years.. after get boring at Low Yat plaza, I decided to go Times Square, which is located near the Low Yat plaza(just across the road).. actually this is my third time going there compare to my zillion times going to Low Yat..

There is not much difference since the last time I went there, the building is still big, full with shops, and I still easily get lost there..huuuh.. since I go there alone(my friend who always kidnap me went to Beijing for vacation,damn), I dont know where I should go, so I just walk around. The building is not big in terms of width but its height, it has 9 floors, fortunately there are many guide maps around the building to guide people like me who easily get lost...

The bad news is I found several shop selling toys, some of them selling remote control car and some others selling japanese goods like gundam, kamen rider etc etc... Why I am saying it is a bad news, well I nearly become crazy here.. looking at this merchandise, I just cant help myself.. actually I have planned to avoid this by only having RM 20 in my wallet, before this I have planned to buy MG Zeta gundam online that cost RM 190 plus posting RM 10 = Rm200.. but when I found it in one of the shop that I went here, the price is shocking, I can easily get the price RM 175 here, you can easily imagine how I feel at that time.. but surely since I just got my salary yesterday, I still 'Sayang' to use my money, so I think I should thought about it some more, not only that, I am also interested to buy other things like action base , gundam marker... Then I think think think, and after that I just realised that I have said to myself not to buy a gundam which have blue,white, red combination colour scheme as most of my gundam have that colour scheme, but that not stop me from buying zeta because zeta gundam actually have two brothers which zeta plus a1 and zeta plus c1, they are quite different from zeta but they have same transformation ability like zeta and the price is much much cheaper because it doesnt come with exclusive and less decal I think...
actually I like the colour scheme of zeta plus A1, which is orange plus white( I dont have this colour in my collection), but looking at the zeta plus c1, I feel like being grabbed by it, it doesnt have bright colour scheme like A1 but certainly it have its own attraction, given with extra booster and long sniper like rifle, I just grabbed it and pay at counter, that is my story about how I buy Zeta Plus C1, the holiday is coming to its end, I dont know wehter I can finish this kit on time... and one more thing , this is the only gundam I am working on this holiday from me having doing them about 30minutes perday.. if I got time like after Subuh..

The HG exia actually have been snap fitted during my stays at USM, so the only model I completed in this holiday is only rhe SD Red Frame(sigh..)

Here are some photos of the Zeta C1 plus that I have talked so much before...

This is the main culprit to why I buy this gundam, the box illustration is just damn too hot

the box is slightly smaller compare to my MG infinite Justice..hmm

the box height is slightly higher than MG infinite justice

The manual, it is very important as this kit is a transformable kit which I never attemp before

Along with my Zeta plus I bought this S.M.S base from Macross frontier.. cool eh..

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