Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who am I ?

Assalamualaikum... today's post is just like another post, nothing important want to talk here, just something funny.. today I got a mail from bursa Malaysia stating that I have created cds account(Central Depository System), some account required for me to get involve in something we all called ' investing'. I have already buy few units for myself before, but using my father's account since I am still not 21 when I started buying, now that I am 21 years old, I am able to open my own accunt, have my own transaction , myself.. thats a relief...because I think with my own ability I can earn more than having my ather instructing me( just my confidence, I am sure he doesnt have time reading this, :-)..haha)... that's that, the funny thing about this mail is what is written inside the mail which is this ..

Funny ? Not yet until you know the whole story... actually I am a Malay guy living in Malaysia, so my races should be Malay instead of chinese.. what makes things funny is the girl who process my registration form actually see me because I go there with my parents, she took my IC(identification card) ..bla bla bla bla...she actually SUPPOSE to know that I am a Malay because of IC and all other stuff, but she write me as Chinese... I am not offence about this though but I just think it is funny, as my skin is quite dark, my eyes is quite big, even a european people who never saw a Malay can tell that I am not chinese... I have already mail people's in charge with this matter though...hope  I will not having any problem with this account in the future...

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  1. i think that the girl that did the registration for you remembered her boyfriend insteads of you la. That's why she mentioned you as a chinese boy..hhaha! but ok ape for being chinese for the moment..hoho. can join MCA maaa...