Monday, December 6, 2010

Industrial training/ practical for undergraduates student

Assalamualaikum, again... I find it very hard nowadays to spend time to write blog, even though I am on holiday rite now..sigh.. first reason lazy, second reason busy.. I dont like this two words, it makes me look like someone who like to give excuses, which I think I am not..huh...

Okay, today I am writing about Industrial training, it is some sorts of requirement for someone like me who is right now studying an undergraduates courses, I am kinda like it, but the fact that it was conducted during holiday which is 3rd May to 8th July next year reduce the goodness of it.. well its only two month anyways.. But something that have really surprising about next year is our local Universities schedule going to be reschedule, yes it is... the semester is going to start on September, so it means that even though I have lost my two months holiday, I can regain another two months Until september, well that is good news..I dont know if they have officially announced it but I have already checked it with one of the lecturers at my Universities and he say its true..yay.. but anything can happen.. it can go surprisingly as it comes surprisingly..

Well continuing on the industrial training(practical), practically for my course it was done after third year second semester and it was two months plus, i have heard that different Universities have different period like for UTP the student there have to undergoes 8 months of Industrial Training, thats loooong... Other Universities like UKM is just like us in USM and for UM I got different kind of stories, some said 6 months and other said 3 months, I am not sure, maybe it is different for different courses( even they are all engineering courses)..

Sad thing is for my University we need to find our own place for Industrial Training, well it is kind of hard for us to find place since there is not many company out there willing to 'help' these students, they dont get too much benefits by adopting us into their company because we are all inexperince in terms of experience, and if they want to make us their asset(employee), two months is too short too see wether we are good enough, that is why some company just take this industrial training student and use them as "cheap labour" , that is what my father call, it is because they will give work that wont benefit the student like photostate, arranging documents, and stuff like that, not engineering kind of work...Hopefully the company that going to take me in will treat me like a future engineer.. please...

One more thing is this past few days I have been busy finding, sending mails to the company that I am interested with, it is kinda late but cannot blame me since my School(faculty) give us late briefing on it... I have sent out quite amount of mails(22 pieces)... and it cost much too... one pieces RM 1.50,stamp price has increase quite a lot, the standard one RM0.30 has doubled it prices RM0.60, the totalcost is  RM1.50 because inside my mail, I included one empty mail with stamp and my name on it for the company to reply .. and for my mail I attached RM0.90 stamp as the mail is quite heavy with all the resume, results, letter and all the usual stuffs( the post staff actually weigh it first before selling me those stamps, if she is not I will just apply the RM0.60 as it is the cheapest..hahah), hopefully all the mails will reach their destination and I will receive a good reply..huhu... Thats all for this post ... I need to fetch my sister from her tuition at 7...

One more thing, I have been working one this kit this past few day wonder what colour suite it most for the stripe, the usual colour is fluorescent yellow, but when I think about Gundam Unicorn ,I think I will paint it red, with a marker though... wait for it..thats all..wsm

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