Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today is not 27th December, but 27th December is something I want to talk about..

Assalamualaikum... it have been 11 days since the last day I post here...nothing much happen, my results have come out, okay la..coming back to USM, bla bla bla.. so nothing much...

What I stress about this semester is that it start 27th December, it is about three days after the results( I am not done crying yet)... This is few (reasons  I hate about /consequences of) starting on December 27

1. It is at the end of the year (why dont just postponed it to next week like most of other universities.
2. Today, my family going Felda Spring, Sungkai for family day( i dont know where d hell it is, dont ask me)
3. The fact that it begins 3 days after result come, totally affect the date JPA scholarship money comes out, everybody complaining already( and some complains annoy me, because I am also affected u know), I called several people related to this and they said that there are few reasons things like this happen and one of them is because the results just come out(USM's fault is what they want to say la), definitely not related to any political reason, as this money is already in the agreement and by not giving the money, the student who got the scholarship from JPA have the rights of sueing JPA... is what I think la
4.Is there anything else...hmmm.. yeah, the fact that it is at the end of the year, the lecturer is quite super2 busy... so the class I attended this week is like so so la..
5.This is not related to 27th December, but I still havent got any replies from any company that I approach for, that is quite saddening... and from what I heard is the Emergency place that USM might send us to if we havent got any replies from the company is located around Kulim(in the forest), definitely not some place I am eager to go since I am afraid of mosquitoes, and lizard (biawak one)..

thats all, thank you for reading.. dont comment on grammatical error...please..


  1. hoho...wei, perli post aku nampak. walau pape pun tak apa ko tak dapat pegi jalan2 dengan family ko, ape kata JPA masuk je kita jalan2 ke tempat family ko pergi, amacam? ok tak idea aku? huahua!

    anyway, betul jgk ape ko kata kan, ntah pape USM ni, konon2 Apex la..uhuks2!

  2. cop2..kalau sebab USM lambat keluar result, kenape semua student JPA kat Malaysia ni tak dapat biasiswa lagi? tak ke misteri ke? sampai nak 2 bulan settle benda ni? dulu ok jer?